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    The Lowest Price for Closed Captioning
    No client or project is exactly the same.
    At Creative Caption & Video, we know how to take your project from start to finish
    with 100% accuracy and budget in mind. We simplify the process and deliver your project on-time.
  • Transcription Services
    100% Accurate and Fast Turnaround!
    Our transcribers are the best in the business.
    We specialize in Religious and Education transcription.
    We offer transcripts with timecode for documentaries, story boards, law firms and everything in between.
    We guarantee our transcripts are 100% accurate.
  • An Unheard Audience
    38 Million Americans
    Closed Captioning is a vital resource for the deaf, hearing impaired
    and for establishments with multiple presentations.
    It is required to be on 85% broadcast over the air, cable or internet.
    Most importantly, Closed Captioning is a way to reach an audience
    that is not often catered to in a hearing world.

The Lowest Price for Closed Captioning

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Closed Captioning

If you are new to broadcasting your own program over the air, cable or the internet or if you have been broadcasting for years, don’t spend a fortune. Get the most accurate captioning and the best customer service from Creative Caption & Video. Give us a call today and find out how we can save you time and money with our Captioning, Transcription and Timed Caption File Services.

Fast Turnaround

Let our team of experts show you why we are the best in our field. Many of our people come from backgrounds in broadcasting and work well in our deadline-driven field all the while with 100% accuracy as our motto. We do not charge extra for tight deadlines and our work is always 100% guaranteed.


We pride ourselves in offering the most affordable price for all of our services. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your projects are accurate, on deadline and on budget. Why spend more money for services you already use? Spend less with us and increase your bottom line.

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Our Services

Closed Captioning

We offer Closed Captioning for all types of media:
Television Broadcasts, HD and SD MPEG, MOV and MXF files, Music Videos, YouTube, Flash Video, Timed Captioned Files, and so much more. Call or request a Quote today to see how we can lower you captioning costs.

Timed Caption Files

Timed Captioned Files are a great way to save you time and money. If you have the capability to encode to tape or file, then we can free up your time by doing the tedious work for you. We offer a variety of choices for Timed Caption files.

Filming & Editing

We offer the latest technology in filming and editing. With almost 20 years of experience and prestigious awards, no project is too small or too large. We specialize in corporate media projects, event recording, advertising and special requests.


Our transcriptionists are the best in the industry. We often work with churches, educators and sports teams. You will have peace of mind that your transcripts are 100% accurate.

Old Movie Transfer

Don't let your old 8mm & 16mm films deteriorate in your attic or basement. Let us transfer them to DVD, hard drive or upload them to your YouTube account so your family can watch them anytime on your TV, phone or computer.

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